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the environment code to restrict the sale or distribution on city property of drinking water in plastic bottles of 21 ounces or less, set city policy to increase the availability of drinking water in public areas, and bar the use of city funds to purchase bottled water, and making environmental findings. ~ water. >> and, supervisor chiu is the author of item number 1. supervisor chiu. >> colleagues, thank you. thank you, colleagues. i very much appreciate your consideration of our legislation to hopefully [speaker not understood] plastic water bottles on city property. in recent months as we've all seen the extreme water conditions and drought in our country, in our world, the need to combat global warming cannot be more urgent. as our city has led the fight for the environment, we need to be a leader to our addiction in plastic bottled water. our world was not addicted to plastic bottled water. only in the 1990s did the now $60 billion plastic bottled water experience growth based on marketing campaigns. but before that, [speaker not understood], everyone around the world has managed to stay h
to the board as a committee report. it's an ordinance to amend the environment code to restrict the sale or distribution on city property of drinking water and plastic bottles of 21 ounces or less, set city policy to increase the availability of drinking water in public areas and buy the use of city funds to purchase bottled water and making requisite findings. >> president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair. colleagues, i very much want to thank you for your consideration of this item as well as members of the community that have worked with my office for the better parts of nine months to move this forward. we all know with climate change and the importance of combating climate change that san francisco, we've been leading the way in fighting for our environment and this is why i ask you to support this legislation, to reduce and discourage the use of single use single serving plastic water bottles in san francisco. the ordinance we have in front of us really does three things. it helps to restrict the sale or distribution of bottled water on city property. it sets city policy to increase t
hearing with the public utilities commission and department of the environment to review their plans for preserving water, and protecting san francisco's watershed from drought and fire, given we are in the midst of the worst dry spell in 100 years, and governor brown has asked all californians to reduce their water use by 20 city clerk: [hearing - drought preparations] sponsor: breed hearing with the public utilities commission and department of the environment to review their plans for preserving water, and protecting san francisco's watershed from drought and fire, given we are in the midst of the worst dry spell in 100 years, and governor brown has asked all californians to reduce their water use city clerk: [hearing - drought preparations] sponsor: breed hearing with the public utilities commission and department of the environment to review their plans for preserving water, and protecting san francisco's watershed from drought and fire, given we are in the midst of the worst dry spell in 100 years, and governor brown has asked all californians to reduce their water use by 20 ok
out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights located in the heart of this district. it offers a view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. it is one of the best kept secrets in the city. it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. , bought a 37 bus to get there without any parking worries. for legged friends can run freely. there is also a patch of grass for the small box. >> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place to have these kinds of parks. that dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice of the wildfires that are on the grassland and keep your head out on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. be sure to take your camera and be prepared to take a view of the city will not forget. it has a beautiful
community has already been here for me and i'm a product of my environment and i think it's my purpose to give back and actually do good as i can and pay off what's been given to me. >> so that's talking about partnerships with schools and as we doing the videos in the future so the skies the limit of what we can do with this program moving forward. lastly i have one minor amendment to the legislation which is on page three, lines 21 and 22 and basically it's saying that we would sell -- we would actually distribute bikes valued at no more than $500 resale value so we limit the actual -- the more expensive bikes will not be sold but $500 resale value means they're high quality bikes that will get out on the streets so the bike quality will range from some fixer uppers and bikes used for training or even competition so it will be a huge benefit to our communities and i want to thank jeremy pollack for working on the legislation and the community groups working on this and the bike coalitions and others as well so i have an amendment of the whole to add and is there comments or question
. the environment is huge. it is stronger than willpower. surrounding yourself with artists, being in a culture where artists are driving, and where a huge amount of them is a healthy environment. >> you are making it safer. push, push. that is better. when i start thinking, i see it actually -- sometimes, i do not see it, but when i do, it is usually from the inside out. it is like watching something being spawned. you go in, and you begin to work, excavate, play with the dancers, and then things began to emerge. you may have a plan that this is what i want to create. here are the ideas i want to play with, but then, you go into the room, and there maybe some fertile ideas that are becoming manifest that are more interesting than the idea you had initially set out to plan. so there has to be this openness for spontaneity. also, a sense that regardless of the deadline, that you have tons of time so the you can keep your creativity alive and not cut it off and just go into old habits. it is a lot like listening. really listening to watch what is going to emerge. i like this thing where you put y
's a safer environment for everyone so i am in support of the project. thank you >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good morning, commissioners i'm ken from the eastern neighborhood i live one block away from the park and i opposed the height of this project. there's that nothing posted will this meeting and nothing posted will this park right away right now how do you expect to have public involvement without notification. in 11984, the shadow was approved and added to the cities constitution when recycles shadow. this was gained by city of san francisco no building permit authorizing the construction of any structure that casts any shade or shadow under the urination or acquisition of the pointing may be allowed under the jurisdiction by the recreation and parks department. only after the hour after sunrise or sunset. appendix 12 of the constitution our cities charter adapted in 19868 an ordinance that adapts be it or in added. the master plan shall be sunbathed and capable statement of policies for so far o san francisco the following policies shall be included in the preamble and wh
of the environment they are in charge of working with city departments about the requirements of this ordinance to make sure that this is doable. >> good afternoon, supervisors cohen, chiu, [speaker not understood]. .public utilities commission. this legislation [speaker not understood] distribution of bottled water on city property is in [speaker not understood] and encouraging greater consumption of bottled water. -- of tap water, sorry. the drinking water provided by the sfpuc is among the purest, the cheapest to deliver and the best tasting water in the world. this legislation build upon the tap ordinance sponsored previously by supervisor chiu, mar, and [speaker not understood] joint tap program, golden tap initiative and drink tap in school. so, these programs, sfpuc in cooperation with other city departments and agencies has begun installing bottle filling stations and public spaces in schools throughout the city. san francisco is among the first cities in the united states to feature outdoor reusable bottle refilling stations. our stations can be found in golden gate park, crocker amazo
and the environment. through our eight year old think outside the bottle campaign we've collaborated with over 140 cities, universities and many national parks to promote tap over bottled water. and san francisco will continue to play a lead role in this movement bypassing president chiu's ordinance. 2007, as supervisor mentioned, san francisco set a precedent for citieses across the u.s. by cutting spending on bottled water. we saved tax payers nearly $500,000 a year and underscored the importance of our public water system. supervisor chiu's ordinance build on that legacy by codifying this commitment into law and increasing access to public water on city property. it is an important step toward ensuring our community has access to choose clean and safe public water. and by reinvesting in and promoting public water over bottled water, san francisco will set an important example for other cities and people across the country. the bottled water industry has had misleading marketing [speaker not understood]. public water is much more regulated than bottled water and is the best way to ensure access
are a port. we are at the water's edge. we are in proximity to the water and the windy environment. we have a challenge trying to control waste and debris that gets into the bay. we've all heard about the pacific plastic jar, large texas size swirls of plastic in the ocean. we even had a tenant who built a boat out of plastic bottles to sail it through that plastic to bring it to attention. it is something we've been aware of sometime. we looked at this in part through our obligationed under the state municipal stormwater program which requires us to keep debris out of the waters of the state ~. we review every lease, license, or event for environmental conditions. and, so, we have been acute eye for the potential impacts of what occurs on port property. we also, like all departments, have a zero waste program, zero waste coordinator and climate liaison. so, we had a nexus of various environmental concerns that as i say are particularly acute because of a proximity to the water. so, with that in mind, we were concerned to look at ways to reduce the possibility of plastics getting into the b
. whatever they do, the marsh creates an incredible environment for them and it's really important that we stick to the hours for them otherwise there won't be a place for these kids to work and learn what they are doing and have an impact as a city. we are talking about affordable living and the city being livable, but without places like the marsh which we have been losing right and left, the city is not livable and when we talk about housing, we are talking about housing for working people because i understand the two, he didn't want to do the low income units. this is luxury. i hope you stick to what it's. if not, i will come back. i know we are on public access tv and i know that adds on 20 pounds. >> yes it does. i'm gene gore. this is my fourth time here and i also agree with all of the stipulations that you also so graciously and correctly passed unanimously and i don't understand why the opposition, the developers keep coming back and back and back. and also i'm very much in favor of having the construction down. i performed at the marsh. i know that i can't imagine performing wit
. if they have a clean environment and able to manipulate with their fingers. it's encouraged these days to do peritoneal dialysis. the next slide shows that peritoneal can be done at night. basically what you have is this patient is sleeping and has a tube coming out of his abdomen and he has a machine which is a large bag on that with fluid that goes into the abdominal cavity and the fluid goes out. this is basically a timer. a very sophisticated and accurate timing device that puts fluid in and out and then the tube the fluid goes out and flesh -- fresh fluid goes in. there is a substantial amount of patients who like peritoneal dialysis who have over night dialysis of this type which is where they don't have to do exchanges during the day. so, the last item that we talked about i have already mentioned most of what's on this slide. no dialysis can be an appropriate choice for particular patients. the kind of patients as i mentioned before would be a patient who has a very bad metastatic cancer and they have a short time left to live but meanwhile their kidneys have given out and many of t
unsuccessful. peter howard says the city is poisoning our environment and why is it this a good idea >> thank you very much. >> rachel i'm with the san francisco parks alliances i want to say it's nice to see additional investment in parks particle around park controls when we helped with the passing of the hoursz hours we heard we noted more participation commissioner bonilla i think that's identified as an area of need. i want to say our parks council have a conversation and again, the conversation was very supportive people were glad to see the additional resources but we all know it's not enough. so we want to help you make the case for the benefits of the parks in san francisco additional for the real investment that our city needs to make to continue to have the world-class packager system we have. i'm in support of this budget and we want to work in negotiations with the mayor's office and pledge our support >> thank you. thank you >> renÉe. >> i know the cards are not mandatory. i'm jeffrey i'm the president of the association. the budget for the tree maintenance. those of you wh
public health and our environment don't think that so come in down and see how >> hi today we have a special edition of building san francisco, stay safe, what we are going to be talking about san francisco's earth quakes, what you can do before an earthquake in your home, to be ready and after an earthquake to make sure that you are comfortable staying at home, while the city recovers. ♪ >> the next episode of stay safe, we have alicia johnson from san francisco's department of emergency management. hi, alicia thanks to coming >> it is a pleasure to be here with you. >> i wonder if you could tell us what you think people can do to get ready for what we know is a coming earthquake in san francisco. >> well, one of the most things that people can do is to make sure that you have a plan to communicate with people who live both in and out of state. having an out of state contact, to call, text or post on your social network is really important and being able to know how you are going to communicate with your friends, and family who live near you, where you might meet them if your ho
and it was wonderful people and wonderful environment and i hope i had a chance to complete something for the city >> thank you very much for being here (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> thank you, congratulations. >> so next item on my reporter is the water report mr. rich i didn't. >> thank you, steve assistant general manager for water the slides is an update on our water situation looking forward. you know, the total reservoir storage is about a million arc feet but we are dealing with 3 hundred thousand is directly available for our hetch hetchy reservoir. we're working on another project to make more water available for drink. the precipitation is good 40 in february in terms of the precipitation but still just a drop in the bucket to where we would be at this point. again, i included the table of our assistant storage and the current storm in cherry lake is 2 hundred and accomplice acre and that's a significant amount of water. the two grafts you you've come to see and appreciate is first precipitation again, the red line is above 1976, 77 but been stable in the last few weeks we shoul
that came along after the department of the environment i know we're working on the scheduling of that i asked for information back on items that we're going to discuss in in addition to that i asked for a report related to some projects out in the southeast sector and i'm eager to hear back on any outstanding items commissioners. hearing none - i'll go ahead and call for any public comment? >> you're having any public comment on item 23. >> yeah. other commission business. i'm sure you may have committed before i came into the room ems on monday there's a joint puc hearing about clean power sfusd and i'll encourage you to attend and i'll be supportive. i know this commission and mr. particular some of the commissioners have received some hash comments from advocates but i know that really we all want the same goal to get a large escape of new energy be it further resolved built rapidly in san francisco. and even though the san francisco public utilities commission staff are working telephone number on this we released on rfp last friday to punish finish the planning for the local inst
environment. that wasn't what we were asking for. we were asking for a site selection -- for a site selection city-wide to be completed. that's going to need to be done if we're going to be able to do a proper program. so, let's, as we roll this rfp process forward, let's make sure that we're pushing the envelope on getting something big enough that will get us 50% clean energy ~. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>> hi, i will start where mr. brooks left off, which is 50% clean energy, 50% of our energy load within 10 years. that was what was originally envisioned in the work that has been done and we believe that that is demonstrably possible. i would like to also echo lafco's staff, thanks to lafco's staff for working with us. it was definitely a collaborative process and track changes is never fun. i would like to -- i'll also mention that we did send both commissioners and staff some recommendations for folks that we think would be great experts for the review panel. and that did include both commissioner and staff from the sfpuc. ultimately, having been to many of these puc meetings
,000] sponsor: yee resolution authorizing the department of the environment to apply for a $250,000 grant from the california strategic growth council to create the biodiversity action plan , for the period of july 1, 2014, through june 30, clerk: sf 51234 >>supervisor mark farrell: okay, thanks. we have guillermo rod riguez from the department of environment. >> this is to apply for the $250,000 grant for the california strategic growth to create bio diversity action plan. if awarded the department of planning will present bio diversity and master plan for san francisco and greening san francisco. >>supervisor mark farrell: colleagues, any comments. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can we accept this without objection. >> so moved. >> this item is accepted. madam clerk please call item 6 and 7 together. city clerk: item 6: [agreement - hdr engineering, inc. - construction management services - $27,500,000] 6. 131236 resolution extending an agreement for an additional six months between the public utilities commission and hdr engineerin
of the funding that's available through our department of environment. the department of environment has a contract with pg&e to spend some of those energy efficiency dollars. they are part of the every three-year reassessment and reengagement with pg&e on those programs in doing research on the balance of the fund available, we are aware once you are cca, you can access those funds. you don't have to be -- you don't have to have cca customer to access though funds. but it did you the california administratored at the sfpuc do expect you to operate a community aretion ~ aggregate [speaker not understood]. i'd be happy to provide for you a copy of the memo that goes into more detail about these options because we did explore them, but we don't believe that we can pursue them at this time given the status of our cleanpowersf program. >> and wonder if there is a counter opinion to that, whether we can actually pursue them. we don't have customers, but we do have a framework for, you know, program. mr. freed? >> jason freed, lafco staff. i will not disagree with what ms. hale said. the one d
and environment you really see the need. we are hoping that what we have spear headed will be a catalyst for other ministries to parner with the school because the is a need for volunteers. on behalf of the [inaudible] we say thank you for honoring us. >> thank you. [inaudible] no cutting supervisor ye. i am going to our district 2 colleague supervisor mark ferrule >> thank you. i will speak with the church theme that supervisor co00 worked with. growing aup as a catholic in san francisco a large opart of my family life and was and continues to be with our local perish. we have great pastors and none butter than we have no it is a honor to bring up [inaudible] pastor at saint vincent de paul church. to give a bit background on sfauther ken, he grew up in washington dc. first saw san francisco as the merchant marines and a graduate in 74 where my father was also a graduate. he served 21 years in the naval reserve and after leaving the merchant hurenes [inaudible] ordained in nov 81. i think most stuny [inaudible] you were the first affric american to be ordained in the archdio
learning environment. she volunteers for the global [inaudible] which affords students the students to experience a summer abroad in developing countries. [inaudible] served 26 years in the u.s. army and required with honors in 2013. major munt gumry is a part of the liberation of kuwait and the iraqy war. she has plans to begin a business administration plan in 2015. she lived in several states and countries and as a traveller embrays change. her commitment of the country and communities serves as huge [inaudible] we work foointhrich lives of students outside the classroom we atrack a [inaudible] such as major price mont gumry. today we want to thank her for her work and hope you will continue for many years at lincoln high school >> thank you all. i would like to thank [inaudible] with only 6 months of adult teaching and living in san francisco i feel i have a lot oto do and am up to thatd challenge. i believe i'm only here because of the hard work of my students. i draw from thir energy. serving in the military has a level of distinction, but not until i walked into t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 108 (some duplicates have been removed)